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Tender No: 12714 Tender Ref Date: 27-08-2012
Tender Ref No: Addl/MHO/EDMC/2012-13/1
Tender Category: MCD Health,Item Rate,Item Rate,Open Tender Currency: INR
Description: Health Education Activities through field Campaign
Report title: Health Education Campaign for campaign for prevention of water and vector borne diseses through permanent hoardings (Size 20'X10') on property owned by EDMC
No. of Work: 1 Splitting Rule: No Restrictions
Tender Type: Open Tender
Department: Health Department Division/Office: Public Health Deparment
Officer: V. B. Govindappa PHD Designation: C.M.O.
Remark: Health Education Campaign for campaign for prevention of water and vector borne diseses through permanent hoardings (Size 20'X10') on property owned by EDMC
Tender Notice Text Contents Notice Text
East Delhi Municipal Corporation Public Health Department Ist floor, UdyogSadan Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi
Technical specifications A. Hoarding 1. Size of hoarding 20’x10’ 2. Printed flex sheet to be pasted with bond adhesive on iron frame of 1”x1” tube of 1.35mm using 150 running ft iron pipe. 3. Multicolour solvent printing to be done on flex sheet as per given matter and design. .
B. Iron structure 1. 2 iron girders of 15MB125x75x7.6 each of 20ft.length will be used in one site i.e. hold fast of base plate of 300x300x6mm. 2. 2 iron angles of 20ft.length each of 15A50x50x6 will be used in one site. 3. Iron structure will be fitted with nut bolts. 4. Iron structure will be erected 5ft. below ground and with cement. concrete at the base to make it strong enough to hold the storm etc. in size450x450x1500 in1:2:4 with P.C.C.1:5:10 of 100mmth 5. Iron structure will be colored with enamel paint with EMCD painted in bold letters )
C. Installation 1. Hoarding will be installed on iron structure 5’ above ground level and duly fixed with flexible wire on all sides. 2. Installed hoarding will be properly maintained by the contractor for 3 months from the date of display in all forms. 3. Site for installations will be given by us in the East MCD areas. 4. Hoardings should be free from all encumbrances.
General terms & conditions 1. The tenderer must submit tender cost of Rs. 500/- and the Demand draft of Rs.40,000/- as earnest money in the favour of Commissioner, EDMC in the office of MHO,EDMC up to date of opening of technical bid of tender otherwise the tender shall be out rightly rejected. Tenderers should have past experience on similar contract for last 3 years. 2. No tender will be considered without earnest money. The earnest money will not be refunded till the supplies are completed on the rate running contract of the firm in operation for the time specified. No previous EMD will be adjusted. 3. Firm should have at least three years of work experience of erecting and maintaining similar hoarding and advertisement sponsored by any reputed private or Govt./ Semi- Govt/undertaking or municipal body. 4. Multiple offers will not be accepted. 5. In case of agent/authorized dealer submit authorization certificate from manufacturer/ authorized Indian Distributor, entering into contract with MCD for erecting hoardings. 6. The tenderer will install the hoardings at the specific sites under EDMC as per list enclosed. However some of the sites may be changed, depending on availability/requirement. Hoarding must be installed in accordance with Outdoor advertising policy of MCD finalized as per directions of Hon’ble Supreme court by environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority on Sept., 10, 2007. Copy of the document can be downloaded from 7. The hoardings shall be erected and installed at the specific sites under EDMC as decided by the board at the cost of tenderers. 8. The hoardings shall be put up subject to approval by the competent authority. In case, it is considered inferior to or not in accordance with approved specifications, it shall be rejected. The tenderer shall have to remove the rejected goods within a week at his own cost. 9. Items quoted should confirm to the specification. 10. The interested parties shall quote their rates in figures as well as in words. The rates quoted shall be inclusive of all incidental charges, labour, transport, material etc. . 11. The work will be completed within 2 weeks from the actual date of dispatch of work order. In case of delay, a penalty @ 1 % per week will be imposed. The maximum penalty should not exceed 5% of total value of orders. If the contractor is not in a position to complete the work within the stipulated time he will inform Addl. MHO and an extension of maximum of 4 weeks will be granted and penalty shall be imposed during this period. If the work is not completed within 8 weeks (56 days) from the date of order, the work order shall be cancelled and earnest money will be forfeited. 12. Quantities in excess of those specified in the work order/ schedule will not be accepted & order will be placed on as when required basis. 13. All tender will be treated as firm offers and must remain open for acceptance for 5 months from date of opening of tender. 14. All firms will have to furnish i) sales tax registration certificate, ii) copy of financial standing for the last three years (only for tenders amounting to more than 10lacs) iii) PAN No iv) VAT registration, iv) Copy of past performance on similar contract for last 3 years. 15. In case of agent/ authorized dealer submits authority letter from manufacturer, enclose authorization certificate. 16. The competent authority reserve the right to accept or reject any tender without assigning any reason thereof. In event of a dispute the decision of the competent authority shall be final and binding upon the contractor/supplier. 17. No firm will be eligible to withdraw after the submission of the tender, otherwise earnest money will be forfeited. 18. The total quantity and cost of purchase shown in the enquiry letter is only approximate and are liable to be increased or decreased according to the actual requirement of the institution. Approved tenderers will bind to meet all the demands of the institution accordingly. 19. Within 7 days of intimation of the acceptance of the tender, the successful tenderer shall execute an arrangement for supply and sign the necessary contract document. In case delay in this regard on part of successful tenderer, the earnest money shall be forfeited. No grace time shall be allowed in any case. 20. The successful tenderer shall furnish guarantee for at least 3 months for free maintenance/ repair/replacement of the article at the site of installation, after which the structure along with the advertisement material will be handed over to the Department. 21. The tenderer shall not canvass with any authority of EDMC in respect of his tender. Any tenderer found guilty in the matter will have his tender rejected and shall also be blacklisted from future supply. 22. The effort will be made for making payment after successful completion of the campaign and after inspection and approval of item by the appropriate authority. There may be some delay due to unavoidable circumstances. No interest will be paid for these. 23. The tenderer must submit forwarding letter that above conditions are acceptable to the firm on letterhead. 24. Those vendors who plan to participate in this tender must ensure that all pending dues, with Public Health related tender purchase cost are cleared prior to participation, otherwise they will be debarred from tender participation. 25. No condition put forth by the tenderer will be acceptable. 26. Conditional discount will not be accepted, the matter will be considered as per merit of the bid. 27. Price bid of the tenderers whose offer are found technically suitable will only be opened. 28. Bids that are not opened and redoubt at bid opening shall not be considered further for evaluation irrespective of the circumstances. 29. The price quoted must be for one hoardings and should be all inclusive lumpsum price offered including sale tax, excise tax, any other tax, delivery, transportation and installation charges. 30. Price should be quoted in Indian Rupees. 31. Rates must be quoted both in Words and figures 32. The department will award the contract to the successful tenderers whose bid has been determined to be technically acceptable and lowest, provided further that the tenderers is determined to be qualified to perform the contract satisfactorily. 33. The approved rates of the firm/supplier shall be valid for 5months from date of opening of tender. 34. The department reserves the right to accept or to reject any bid and annul the bidding process or to reject all bids at any time prior to award of contract, without there by incurring any liability to the affected tenderers or any obligation to inform the affected tenderers of the grounds of the purchaser’s action. The purchaser is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid. 35. Upon the successful tenderers returning back one copy of the order within 7 days duly stamped and signed as token of acceptance of the order on the laid out terms and conditions. 36. Firm should submit a certificate that item has not been supplied to any other Govt agency at a lower rate in the same financial year for corresponding quantity. Addl.MHO EDMC
EAST DELHI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT UDYOG SADAN, 419 PATPARGANJ No. Addl.MHO/EDMC/2012 Dated: List of Municipal premises located on main road and other prominent places in EDMC is as under: - S.No. Name of premises 01 Zonal office shahdra (N)G.T Side 02 Zonal office shahdra (N) Nuveen shahdera road side 03 SDN Hospital, Ward No. 241 04 D-block Seelam Pur, Ward No. 248 05 Maternity home Chandiwala Railway road shahdra 06, Maternity home B-2 Block Yamuna Vihar 07 Maternity home welcome seelam pur 08 Old seema puri Cremation ground 09 Gokal puri community Centre main road gokal puri 10 Community centre mandolin village 11 Bihari pur primary school 12 Sonia vihar primary school 13 Shiv vihar MNCW centre 14 Karawal nagar dispensary 15 Community centre village ghonda chowk 16 MCD School Yamuna vihar C-1 block 17 Community centre janta flats Nand Nagari 18 MCD school Johari pur 19 Yamuna vihar MCD Court 20 Mcd school Balbir Nagar 21 Office of executive engineer project MCD staff quarter new usman pur Delhi 22 Mcd school babar pur 23 Community hall Naveen shahdra 24 Leprosy home Tahir pur 25 Chest clinic karawal Nagar 26 MCD school Jyoti Colony, Ward No. 258 27 MCD school Nand Nagari C-Block 28 Office of Executive Engineer LIG flats east of loni road shahdra 29 Community centre C-Block Dilshad Colony 30 MCD school Braham Puri 31 Community center Tahirpur 32 Community center west gorakhpark 33 Community center mansarover park 34 Community center old seemapuri 35 MCD school subhash park ward no. 248 36 MCD school Jagatpuri ward no.245 37 MCD school Bajanpura D- Block 38 MCD school Babarpur ward no. 259 39 MCD school Ghonda ward no. 255 40 MCD school Jabjeevan nager Kaithwara ward no. 251 41 MCD school sadatpur ward no. 266 42 MCD school balbhir nagar ward no.260 43 MCD school Arvind nager ward no. 255 44 MCD school Jyoti colony ward no. 258 45 Community center new seemapuri 46 Community center Nandnageri 47 MCD School Usmaanpur ward no. 254 48 MCD Bharmpuri ward no. 251 49 MCD school yamauna vihar C- 6 50 MCD school Mandoli 51 Maternity Home, Geeta Colony, MCD, Block No. -8 52 Maternity Home, Khichri Pur, Near Police Station 53 Maternity Home, Near Chandan Nagar Bus Stand, Som Bazar Indra 54 Maternity Home, Geeta Colony, Block no. -13, Near House Tax 55 Maternity Home, Himmat Puri, Block no. 34, Near Sai Baba Mandir 56 Maternity Home, Vivek Vihar, PH-II, A-Block, 57 SPM TB & Chest Hospital Patparganj 58 Chest Clinic, Shahdara 59 M.C.P.S. Kotla Village, Ward .No. 209 60 M.C.P.S. Myur Vihar Phases –I-I, Ward No. 209 61 M.C.P.S. New Ashok Nagar, Ward No. 212 62 M.C.P.S.Kalyan Puri -19 Ward No. 213 63 M.C.P.S.Dallu Pura Ward No. 214 64 M.C.P.S.Vasundhara Enclave Ward No. 214 65 M.C.P.S. DDA Flat Gazipur, Ward No. 214 66 M.C.P.S. New Kondli-B- Block, Ward No. 215 67 M.C.P.S. Mandawali No. 2 , Ward No. 217 68 M.C.P.S. Shashi Garden, Ward No. 220 69 Cremation ground Gazipur 70 M.S.C.P. Hasan Pur , Ward No. 227 71 M.C.P.S. Circular Road Jhilmil Road, Ward No. 238 72 Zonal Office Shahdara (South) near Karkardooma Court 73 CSD Centre, Mayur Vihar, Phase-III 74 Executive Engineer Office –M-III, School Block, Shakarpur 75 CSD Centre, Mandawali Fazalpur (GF,FF & SF) 76 CSD Centre, Ramesh Park (ground Floor) 77 CSD Centre, West Azad Nagar 78 CSD Centre, Trilokpuri-I (7-Block) 79 CSD Centre, Kaundali (Ground Floor) 80 CSD Centre, Mayur Vihar Phase-I, Pocket -II 81 CSD Centre, Unchi Mandawali 82 CSD Centre, Bholanath Nagar 83 MCD School, Ghroli village 84 MCD School, Mandawali Extention 85 MCD School, Kalyanwas No. -1 86 MCD School, Kishan Kunj 87 MCD School, Anand Vihar 88 MCD School, Radhapuri 89 MCD School, south Anarkali 90 MCD School, Kanti Nagar 91 MCD School, East Azad Nagar 92 MCD School, Marginal Band Old 93 MCD School, Pandav Road 94 MCD School, Vivek Vihar Phase-II 95 MCD School, Shastri park Extension 96 MCD School, Trilokpuri 27-Block 97 Gazipur Sluther House 98 MCD School, Mayur Vihar, Phase-III (A-3) 99 Maternity Centre, Kalyanpuri 100 MCD School, Chilla Saroda DHO (HQ)
Tender Common Templates
1 2 3
EMD Amount In Rs: 40000
Sr No Name of Work Head of Accounts Date Estimated Value In Rs Completion Time (Months) Select
1 Health Education Campaign for campaign for prevention of water and vector borne diseses through permanent hoardings (Size 20'X10') on property owned by EDMC XL-IIIA(a)-II - 1600000 3 a
Fee Structure
SrNo Stage Amount (Rs.)
1 Purchase and DownLoad Tender Document 500
Seq No Health Dept. Stage Contractor Stage Start Date & Time Expiry Date & Time Envelopes
1 Release Tender - 27-08-2012 10:00 27-08-2012 18:30 -
2 - Purchase and DownLoad Tender Document 27-08-2012 18:31 19-09-2012 14:00 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope
3 - Online Bid Preparation and Hash Submission 09-09-2012 14:01 21-09-2012 14:00 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope
4 Technical and Financial Lock - 21-09-2012 14:01 24-09-2012 14:50 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope
5 - Re-encryption of online bids 24-09-2012 14:51 26-09-2012 15:00 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope
6 Techncial Bid Opening - 26-09-2012 15:01 03-10-2012 18:30 Technical Envelope
7 Evaluation of Techncial Bid - 29-09-2012 18:31 06-10-2012 17:10 Technical Envelope
8 Financial Bid Opening - 01-10-2012 17:11 08-10-2012 18:00 Financial Envelope
9 Evaluation of Financial Bid - 03-10-2012 18:01 10-10-2012 18:00 Financial Envelope
10 Award of Contract - 04-10-2012 18:01 20-10-2012 17:00 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope