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29 November 2015,  23:05:59  IST

Payment Gateway for etendering system will be enabled very soon for both Tender Document Fee and EMD.

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28/11/2015      14770      sdnh/15-16/161 Purchase Oil base heater Live
26/11/2015      14765      HRH/ET/15-16/P-26 Purchase of Nasal Endoscopes and accessories as per specifications Live
26/11/2015      14764      HRH/ET/15-16/P-25 Purchase of one C02 Laser Machine (Ablator) as per specifications Live
24/11/2015      14763      HRH/ET/15-16/P-16 Purchase of two Fully Automated Clinical Biochemistry Analyzers Live
23/11/2015      14761      HRH/ET/15-16/P-15 Purchase of 14 Defibrillators for HRH as per specifications Live
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CORRIGENDUM/NDMC/TENDER No. 13890/Purchase of Water Cooler New
Corrigendum/NDMC/CMC of Desktop Computers/TENDER NO. 13871 New
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